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TangramPuzzle 1.0.1

TangramPuzzle 1.0.1 and TangramPuzzle Lite 1.0.1 are now available in the App Catalog!

New in 1.0.1:

  • Added 50 more puzzles (over 425 puzzles total) in full version!
  • Preference to hide/show timer
  • Improved shape snap logic
  • Fade non-moving pieces
  • Sound on snap
  • Updated "Stone" theme images

TangramPuzzle 1.0.0

TangramPuzzle 1.0.0 for webOS (Palm Pre or Palm Pixi) is now published and officially available for download in the App Catalog.

P.S. That was FAST, Palm... from submission to published in the App Catalog in a little over 12 hours!