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TangramPuzzle 1.1.0

TangramPuzzle 1.1.0 and TangramPuzzle Lite 1.1.0 are now available in the App Catalog. This version includes:

  • "Next" button - after completing a puzzle, progress to the next puzzle in the list without needing to use the back gesture (currently supports 20 "Next" puzzles)
  • German localization support - thanks to our friend Frank for helping us translate!
  • more puzzles added - currently 471 puzzles in the full version
  • improve solutions scene for "tall" puzzles
  • minor performance enhancements
  • solution uniqueness algorithm bugfixes
Download the latest and greatest version of TangramPuzzle today!

SlidePuzzle 1.0.0

SlidePuzzle 1.0.0 and SlidePuzzle Lite 1.0.0 have been published to the App Catalog. Changes in this version include fixes for webOS 1.4 (the puzzle size preview) and minor image optimizations. Get the latest version today!


TangramPuzzle Lite Freeview

WebOSroundup has added a review for TangramPuzzle Lite! Check it out:


TangramPuzzle 1.0.2

TangramPuzzle 1.0.2 has finally been approved!! This version contains the fix for webOS 1.4. Get it in the App Catalog NOW: