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TangramPuzzle 1.0.0

TangramPuzzle 1.0.0 for webOS (Palm Pre or Palm Pixi) is now published and officially available for download in the App Catalog.

P.S. That was FAST, Palm... from submission to published in the App Catalog in a little over 12 hours!

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  1. Fun game! But is there a way to disable the timer? I just want to be able to take my time and the timer makes me feel like it is a test; instead of being a game. I’m still going to get the full app, because the game is fun!

  2. Thanks, Russell. Currently, there is not a way to disable the timer. However, we’ve got a lot of enhancements planned for upcoming releases and the ability to hide the timer is a priority. Stay on the lookout for updates!

  3. I am trying out the demo. It woull be nice to have clues or to know if you are close to the solution. Also, it would be nice to have the help menu tell you how you know if you ot it right. Also to have the capcity to have the solution presented to you and then scramle it if you like

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